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Workshops Again!

Vegetables on a plate.

Is it true or is it true?

Fall food is rocking the house this month! Pumpkin Alfredo, Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Miracle No Knead Bread, and a revisiting of these Maple Glazed Pumpkin Muffins? SO MUCH GOOD going around the table right now. Last night was a random fridge-clean-out dinner of butternut squash soup with roasted potatoes and a grainy mustard sauce, and even THAT was everything basic and fall-ish and yummy. We are in the prime of Fall Food Awesomeness.

But as much as I'm loving these cozy fall recipes, it's actually WORKSHOPS that have been dominating my life lately. And I love it! This blog is sort of a reflection of my life as much as it is a massive collection of recipes, and for that reason I feel like I can tell you the truth: even though we are in the midst of fall food awesomeness, I definitely ordered pizza more than once in the last few consecutive days and I have spent most of my current life snuggled up with a white fuzzy blanket on the couch, getting cozy with Sage and letting Netflix just play the next episode of The Office while making approximately zero attempt to stop it. Bjork and I bundled up in jackets and hats (first time this year!) and walked to Caribou yesterday for a hot chocolate - it felt like a big, special deal. I have grandiose plans for a soup-cheese-bread situation for dinner (ummm how about that grilled cheese? FALLELUJAH) and I am inappropriately excited to watch the Presidential debate in sweats tonight. File under: you know you're 30 years old when.

After two busy workshops in last two weeks, this is what I call Workshop Recovery Mode in full effect.

Woman taking a photo of food with an iphone.

You guys, workshops have been amazing, mostly because you all are amazing.

Our little POY team has had so much fun meeting people, talking about cameras and lighting and style, and practicing this food photography thing TOGETHER, in a fun space, with dedicated time to just create for no other reason than joy and practice. Workshops are all about the together for me. So much of what happens in the blog world is isolated and lonely, but workshops are a way for us to say: Hey! We don't have to do this alone. Let's work and have fun while also hanging out and meeting face to face and eating great food. It's a treat to be able to host these 2-day shindigs and connect with people that I've known for years in the blog space but now get to meet - finally! - in person.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent workshop including highlights from our super fun cake styling activity with our Style + Brand group! Please know that any of these beautiful cakes were styled by our talented attendees and NOT by me! I can work the camera and set up the light and talk you through your style and composition and editing workflow, but excuse me, frost a cake? Ummm apparently no. Mine looked more like a toddler got a hold of it and shall remain unpictured, especially since we have many other cake beauties to showcase!

Chocolate cake on a cake stand.
Person holding a camera taking a photo of food.
Woman eating food at a table.
Small cake on a plate with a a dark background.
Women putting food on plates.
Hand grabbing a glass of milk next to a plate of granola with berries.
Woman taking a photo of a plate of food.
People in a studio styling food.
Hands holding a plate of food.
People around a table styling food.
Hands holding a camera taking a photo of food.
Sandwich and chips.
Hand holding a spoon of whipped cream decorating a small chocolate cake.
Hands holding a plate of food.
A bowl of granola and berries with a glass of milk on a wood slab.
Small chocolate cake on a cake stand.

If you think you'd ever want to attend a workshop, well, gee whiz - we'd love to have you!

Last week we sold out our last workshop for 2016 in about 24 hours, but if you missed registration, rest assured that we plan to host more workshops in 2017.

The best way to stay informed is either by checking out the registration page periodically or, better yet, get on our workshop notification email list so you'll know when workshops launch and can grab tickets before they sell out.

In whatever recovery season it is for you - whether health or big work projects or family or business - I hope that you're leaning into these fall days and settling into a big fluffy blanket with your hot chocolate to help heal and restore and rest. Not to be too bossy, but while you're sitting there, you might as well pick up a copy of Present Over Perfect. (That's an affiliate link to the book on Amazon.) Life-changing, soul-satisfying stuff right there.


We are so well-fed and well-supplied during the workshops, it’s almost just ridiculous.

From a mind-blowing taco bar to next level stacked chicken sandwiches to a Seven Sundays muesli styling bar breakfast complete with berries and toasted coconut and almond milk, we are not lacking in the food department.

We also get lots of our photography backgrounds from the one and only dynamic duo behind Erickson Wood Works.

So all in all, an AMAZING group of businesses and brands that we are proud to have as sponsors.

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    Okay, I just laughed out loud about your presidential debate comment. And the sweat pants bit. My mom just called to make sure I’d be watching and my response was, um, it starts in 9 p.m. I’ll be in bed! Hehe.

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    Okay, that dish of Mexican food (tacos, rice, beans, etc) looks amazing. Recipe anywhere, or is that something someone randomly made for the workshop? YUM.

    1. Skillful Cook Logo

      Haha – it was pretty awesome! It’s from Lago Tacos in Minneapolis, one of our local restaurant sponsors! Fingers crossed you are local and can run over and get some!!

  3. Skillful Cook Logo

    #daydreaming of the workshops in 2017…AHH my year! 😀

    I can already tell I will be wanting to take one of those studio windows with me…ahhh the natural LIGHT <3
    p.s. praying for the buddy ticket deal again next year!!!

  4. Skillful Cook Logo

    Linz, this is wonderful! You have a true gift of teaching. I loved every minute of it! So inspiring and such amazing people to be around. A true JOY! Thanks sharing your talent and wisdom with us!

    p.s I’d love to share a few pictures from here. If it’s okay with you? I plan on posting about the workshop and restoring creative energy. .xxoo

  5. Skillful Cook Logo

    CANNOT WAIT to make it out to one of your workshops! I’ve heard such good things about how they have improved other’s food photography skills…AND these pictures make it look like superawesomefuntime!

  6. Skillful Cook Logo

    Hi Lindsey, I love reading your blog and your recipes always turn out a amazing. I was wondering if you had any recipes for a healthy version of pizza puffs?I was craving those today but couldn’t find and good recipes for one where I wouldn’t feel too guilty about over-indulging?

  7. Skillful Cook Logo

    It was so cool to see Skillful Cook mentioned in Martha Stewart Living magazine (October issue). One of your pictures and she referenced your instagram feed. So exciting!!