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Where I've Been

Woman taking a photo of herself through a car mirror.

After a week of country music, friends, and good eats on the road, we’re back home.

In a valiant effort to get back on the baking/cooking/blogging train, I made banana bread this morning. For better or for worse, the banana bread was a half-baked gooey mess.

So I ate it with a spoon and edited our road trip pictures instead.

That’s what eating out for a week will do to you.


Collage of images from a road trip.



Collage of images from a road trip.



Collage of images from a road trip.


We’re already planning our next road trip… any destination recommendations?

And extra thanks to all my great blog friends (I’m not sure I’m ready for the term “blends” quite yet) for guest-posting for me! If you have a blog, how do you disconnect, without totally abandoning your blog, when you need some time away?

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