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We're Hiring: Video Specialist

Hiring video specialist.

Happy Monday, friends!

Fun news today: we're hiring! We are looking for someone to join our team as a Video Specialist. Our amazing Alana, who you probably know as the mastermind behind all of our videos, is headed off to new adventures in South America (!!) so we are looking to fill her position as Video Specialist for Skillful Cook.

We are a small team, so adding someone to the team is a big and exciting deal.

Headshots pf POY team.
  • Lindsay – me! hello again. I’m the blog content creator and voice of Skillful Cook.
  • Bjork – my husband! ♡ He manages a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff for all of our businesses.
  • Jenna – our Skillful Cook Communications Manager. She is email / brand communications / organizer of everything.
  • Krista – our Skillful Cook Shoot Assistant. The beautiful hands you see in our food videos? Hers.
  • Abby – our Skillful Cook Social Media Manager. She is the master of all things social media on all four of our brands.
  • Alexa – our Food Blogger Pro Manager. Editing the podcast, managing the forum, planning the content. She does it all!
  • Raquel – our Food Blogger Pro Web Developer & Product Manager. She heads up the development of the Food Blogger Pro website and also manages the product creation and support at WP Tasty.
  • Jasmine – our Food Blogger Pro Affiliate Program Manager. She runs the Food Blogger Pro Affiliate program and also designs graphics for the FBP blog.
  • Sage – mascot and master treat hog.

Video Specialist Job Description

Position Title: Video Specialist

Primary Job Description: To film and edit recipe videos.

Secondary Job Description: To assist with other creative and administrative tasks as needed (we are a small team, so lots of us wear multiple hats), and to serve as the resident Video Expert on our learning site, Food Blogger Pro.

Hours: 40 hours/week

Compensation: Dependent on qualifications

Starting Date: April or May 2018

Location: Preference will be given to candidates who are local to Minneapolis/St. Paul. HOWEVER, if you're not local, and you think you'd be a good fit for this job, and you are comfortable with the idea of making and recording videos in your own kitchen, we'd still love to have you submit an application.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Making, filming, and editing food
  • Equipment set up and take down
  • Partnering with brands for sponsored videos
  • Occasional recipe and content development
  • Occasional social and content strategy
  • Teaching bloggers how to create their own videos
  • Daily communication with our team

Looking for a Person Who Is:

  • Motivated
  • Hard-working
  • Efficient
  • Food-loving
  • Experienced with filming and editing
  • Able to work creatively within directives
  • Able to take initiative on projects without direct supervision
  • Friendly and fun and loves dogs!!

To Apply:

  1. Produce a 1 minute or less video of your favorite Skillful Cook recipe. Upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video and share it with [email protected].
  2. Send your resume and starting salary to [email protected] and include another link to your video, just to make sure we got it.

The videos will be evaluated on creativity, style, and alignment with the Skillful Cook brand.

The application deadline is Sunday, April 1 at 11:59pm CST.

This Application Is Now Closed.

If the position sounds like the right fit for you, SCORE! We want to hear from you! Please apply.

If not, will you share this job opportunity with your friends who are food-loving video people? The ones that would love a job working with yummy food on the internet? The ones who would just so totally thrive in a position like this?

Thank you, thank you! We are so excited to add to our team again.

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    So the deadline is April 1 and that’s no joke. It also happens to be Easter this year. Still, it’s tremendous what you have done to build up P.O.Y. to the point that you hire!!! Astounding. I blog but I’m still a teacher, but I love that too so it’s hard!

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    Happy Monday Lindsay,

    This is absolutely awesome. I love to see and hear about bloggers who started their blogging side hustles from humble beginnings just by acting off of creative thoughts and turning those side hustle blog hobby ideas into millions by earning revenue from affiliate marketing and other forms of online advertising. And now, not only have you built your blog from the ground floor up and achieved your side hustling blogging goals, but you’re making a wonderful employment opportunity available to someone who has a like-mind interest as yourself.

    I feel this is a grand time for someone looking to learn about the side hustle and how blogging works to get hired by Lindsay. She’s a wonderful inspiration to DNN and everyone else. I wish I knew years earlier about the awesome power of YouTube video marketing because I probably would’ve been a few million dollars richer today. But hey, someone is going to be a valuable employee soon and a new hire at Skillful Cook.

    All the best to you Lindsay. Supporting you every step of the way! 🙂

  3. Skillful Cook Logo

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  4. Skillful Cook Logo

    Great news you’re hiring for this role and all the best in finding a wonderful candidate!

    I want to wish Alana all the best in her future career and endeavors. She’s been AMAZINGLY helpful and a great tutor for the Recipe Video Bootcamp, in the Q&A session the gals handled during your Hawaii trip, and in the FBP Community forum. Please give her a warm hug on my behalf! Thank you Alana and all the best!! 😀

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