simple homemade



Surprise! We're starting with bacon. Trust.

Once it's all crisped up, add the carrot/onion/garlic and scrape those brown bits off the pan.

Get all that goodness.

If tomato paste is known for one thing, it's for being stubborn. Once we have a talk with it, it's going in.

We win this time, tomato paste.

Flour makes its appearance.

Now, our soup's namesake.

Crush up those tomatoes with your spoon, then it's bay + thyme time.

Get your broth in there and let her simmer.

Do it in a couple batches, but blend her up 'til smooth. Yep, all of it!

Here we go!

Once blended, go ahead and add a little cream if you want to (and you do!). 

(If you want to keep it vegan, we've also thrown in some cashews to blend it and it's equally amazing)

Is it weird to want to make soup-satin a thing? Like, LOOK HOW SMOOTH!

Oh yes.