roasted tomato


It's a savory, tangy, pasta party. Let's go!

Oil, smoosh around, then roast.

Letting those beauties cool and then tending to a pot of Whitney Houston's inspiration for  "The Greatest Love of All."

Add the roasted veg to the food processor with a can of diced tomatoes, olive oil, and a clove of garlic for punch.

Buzz away, darlings!

Blend to your desired chunk-level!

Late edition: the greatest, most buttery, just *chef's kiss* Castelvetrano olives. Total bonus if you find them pitted.

They're tricky to find though, so you can totally skip if need be!

There's already some creaminess  from the emulsified olive oil but let's BUTTER, FRIENDS!

Add a little more butter (life motto) and some capers because the ZIP JUST KEEPS ON COMIN'!

Quick bite before plating. 

Okay fine, put it on a plate like a civilized person if you have to.

The fork-twirling awaits.