Thanks to The Faux Martha for our  favorite banana cream method!

Highly prefer a graham cracker crust situation.

Press crust in jars and then BAKE THE CUTEST PAN YOU'VE EVER SEEEEEN!

And, yes we're baking the banana.  More natural sweetness!

Whisking the sugar, salt, egg yolk &  cornstarch off the heat. It'll be a  chunky start but don't fret!

Little milk to start and then add the  rest later. (This can also be made  dairy-free! Notes in recipe.)

This guy had a great time in the oven.  Let him cool for a bit.

(Don't skip the banana-roast. It means less added sugar in the recipe!)

Okay, back to the filling: keep it on low while it starts to thicken.

Once it starts to chunk a bit, turn the heat off. It goes quick!

Little vanilla, little butter.

Are you panicked by the thickness?! Don't be. The banana will really loosen  it up. (But you can add a teeny splash  of milk if you need it.)

Add that sweet roasty banana and  buzz it up! You don't have to use a food processor; mashing is acceptable. We just like it super smooth!

See? We told you not to panic.  Perf texture.

Graham layer at the bottom, add some cutie little banana slices and then  onto the filling!

Note, these also work with ramekins or really any tiny oven-safe container.

Cute and ready for the fridge. Then you can enjoy your pre-pie pie snack.

It was just a canned whipped cream kinda day! But real whipped cream will hold up better.

Drizzle with honey if that's your thing.  (It is). Caramel is great tooo!