This recipe was inspired by a conversation about Vietnamese Bun Bo Xao (thanks to Ann from our team!), as well as a fresh new recipe from I Am A Food Blog which is actually what I WANTED to make but then kind of ran out of time due to toddler life and had to find something similar...but also easier. Please check out I Am A Food Blog for the more authentic and robust recipe!

Dressing is up first and so we tackle: fresh lemongrass.

Grate away. Be patient and enjoy the fresh beautiful smells!

Not every store stocks the fresh stuff  so this paste is a totally ok substitute!

Why not some fresh garlic too?! We're shakin' it all up in a jar today but a food processor works too. 

(But then you miss out on the satisfying  ch-ch-ch-ch grating sounds choose.)

Fish sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, oil, brown sugar, chili paste and an  aggressive shake!

Onward! Tofu! Crisp in pan with oil and  a shot of noisy soy sauce.

Let it get nice and brown.

Headed to salad town now. All fresh players present! 

Play around and find what you love,  but these are our faves.

Add dressing to noods and toss to taste!

Assemble for her glamour shot and drizzle with more sauce.

ORRR...slap it together into a slightly  less beautiful but totally more practical lunch assembly. (Coming right up!)

Add everything together except herbs and cucumbers, toss it up, and keep in fridge.

It'll be ready and waiting when you need it.

Ok, let's say lunch is happening: scoop from your fridge stash and then top  with the fresh greenery.

Sturdier stuff holds up in fridge and the delicate stuff stays fresh on top.

Just fork-toss at your desk, like you do. 

Little bright lime squeeze to finish.

Happy desk-lunching!