mac & cheese

instant pot


Very casual, very pumped aboutcthis recipe.

We are experimenting with a smaller elbow size so, fingers crossed it works.

No butter YET (but yes obviously butter later, we're not monsters.)

Did you hear that? We ate a thousand test batches because we love you. Hold off on that butter, friends!

You can totally grate or bag, you do you. We fully support either way!

See? We did both. Don't skimp on that cheeeeese!

Quick release so you don't end up with Overcooked Noodle Mash  (cool band name).

Hooray! Success! Fully intact noods.

NOW for the butter. And noodle noise.

You're almost done! Like, DONE!

Little bit of milk at a time so you don't soup it. (Is that too much cheese? Lolololololol no.)

Milk + stir + milk + stir

Oh no, we left some cheese behind! Travesty.

Extra milk on account of string mozzarella. Your call tho, if you're all about the cheese strings, leave them!

Appropriate serving size? For sure. GOOD JOB, US!

We're pro salt + pepp on mac kind of people. You?

Are you joy-crying? It's ok, us too.