date night


Seriously, make this recipe. It feels so special but it's so easy and it's a little carby life raft that will sail you through the week.

And don't worry, there are lots of substitution options for what you have on hand!

Usually celery and onion go in first until soft. Accidentally threw the sausage in right away because quarantine brain isn't holding on to details, you know?

Add in some garlic & crushed fennel seeds. Current kitchen smell  is life's greatest perfume.

One glob of tomato paste for flavor. Let it cook down until rust-colored and a little caramelized.

Yessss! This is exactly what you want! (steam for fancy special effects)

After a brief pasta pot crisis, adding a signature frozen stock tube (lol). 

Normally, white wine goes in here but that's also gone because quarantine.

The stock will help add that extra luxe since there's no heavy cream to be  found. Had to go half & half instead.

Add your cream/half & half, whatever you've got. (Melted ice cream? Hard to say, what is life now?...)

Salt that beauty to taste.

Add al dente pasta to finish cooking in the sauce.

Normally kale goes in this recipe but there was only spinach clinging on for dear life so...

Stir in some parm and red pepper  flakes because it JUST KEEPS  GETTING BETTER!

This Rigatoni is:  creamy, carby, fake-fancy, super flavorful, a ding dang dream.

Also Bjork's favorite POY recipe. So,  thanks to my friend Girl Versus Dough who brought it to me and to Ina Garten  who maybe brought it to her.