with Cilantro Lime Sauce

Thanks to @buzzfeedtasty community for the inspo!

You might think, "this...can't be it." It is! We're keeping it super easy. But you can certainly fancify if that's where you're at.

So delicious with only 3 INGREDIENTS in the filling! Let's get to it.

For the filling, just a plain ol' can of black beans...

...a scoop of store-bought salsa (thank you shortcuuuuuts!)

...and some taco seasoning, that's it! You can of course use fresh tomatoes/onions/etc if the idea of extra chopping doesn't make you want to openly weep.

There she is! All chopped up and ready to go!

Optional step: you can fry up the mixture a little bit to cook up the raw onions/garlic in the salsa.

Take a spoonful (not too much) and spread it in whatever size flour tortilla you like. Def recommend flour here.

Fold it up and you're ready to crisp!

We're going dairy-free here but you could certainly add some cheese in there if you like!

Heat up a little olive oil in a pan and get your apron on!

Carefully set them in and get your heart ready for crunchiiiiiiing!

Apron check? Got it.

Oh. Em. Gee.

Once you're done tearing up from the perfect crisp, pull them out and pop them on a paper towel.

Now a delicious cilantro lime sauce for dipping! Cilantro, lime juice, green onions, garlic, olive oil and sour cream.

Limey, bright, delicious.

Let's get dipping and crunching.