Making this in my very own kitchen  with what we have on hand.  It's a vegan recipe, but feel free to add what you like!

Wellllll, don't have everything needed but at least there's garlic!

Gonna give these frozen mushrooms  a try! They aren't really the main event, more of a broth boost works.

Gonna sub in some curry paste instead of powder to make up for missing fresh ginger in the broth.

Pressing the liquid out of tofu blocks.

You could also wrap it up and put something heavyish on it for a bit.

Add cornstarch + olive oil to your cubes and give it a gentle little baby toss so  you don't break your tofu.

Tiny bit of breakage but not that bad! Finish it with a little soy sauce for flavor.

Bake it and let that cornstarch get it criiiiiiiiiisp.

Add some broth and get that girl simmering.

Once simmering, add those ramen noodle boats in!  (No seasoning, just noods)

Letting this sad little lime live its purpose before it goes.

Fish sauce for something extra! Can't stop won't stop. (Sure fine ok yes, just salt would work too.)

Coconut milk for creaminess! Trust!

Maybe not the most authentic but so so good. Reminiscent of a fave from  Tori Ramen in Minneapolis which you should definitely check out!

Last glob of hoisin in the house to coat the crispy tofu. 

Use your hoisin dregs or any sweet/sticky sauce to get a nice caramelized exterior.

Listen, arugula wasn't the plan. For this recipe or for the grocery delivery.  So it goes! If you have bok choy, follow the recipe.


Grab a little extra broth before serving.

Scoop those sticky crisp little pups on top.

Green onion, some sesame seeds, watch out for drool.

Drizzle some sesame oil on there. Yum.

Ok so un-veganized mine (remember, you can add anything!), but look at that golden girl.

Getting this beauty out in some natural light so you can seeee!