cheesecake muffins

triple berry


Ok fine maybe doing a little advance bday prep but let's call it your bday too!

(Pssst...they are so worth the extra maintenance.)

Each a magnificent treat in its own  right, but we're gonna stack 'em. Muffin batter + cheesecake + streusel topping. Again, so worth it.

Wait to mix the berries into the batter until everything else is prepped.

Scoop some batter into each cup and press for the flat bottom layer.

Dip the back of your spoon in some water to prevent sticking. Well, at least lessen it!

A beautiful little foundation to build your dreams upon.

Dollop your cheesecake layer. ARE YOU GETTING SO EXCITED?

Another little muffin batter top hat.

Going for a hefty scoop of big streusel crumbles here.

If your streusel is rolling down the mountain, give her top hat a squish to flatten.

It is ALREADY so worth it and you haven't even baked them yet.

Studio oven runs a little hotter so a bit more brown than anticipated,  but looooooook.

These beauties are soft, creamy cheesecakey, berry-bursting,  streusel bombs.