broccoli cheese



We studied up a bunch for this copycat of our eternal fave, Panera's Broccoli Cheddar Soup. In the end, we relied heavily on the delicious recipe/methods of Averie Sunshine from the Averie Cooks blog!

Broccoli stems not required but you can  go ahead and add them to your base.

Sweat those veggies and get it going.

Honestly who can be bothered to  remove the veg to make the roux? Add butter right in, we promised ease!

Flour next and cook it out to build that creamy base.

Slowly start adding the milk/cream mixture and whisk to thicken.

It starts very thick, don't worry!  We'll keep thinning it out with milk and then broth.

Continue thinning, but now with broth.

Add in those fresh veg and paprika/salt/pepper.

Seems ready to devour and we haven't even gotten to the cheese yet!

If that seems like a lot of cheese... no such thing.

Stir until cheese is fully melted.

Taking this portion out for photos. Putting a spoon in the pot to eat the rest. 

Hi have you met us? A bit more cheese.

We L-O-V-E Panera BUT... this is so good and we're just so proud.

We couldn't stop ourselves. Taste Test!

We couldn't stop ourselves. Taste Test!

First Panera... ours.

This is why Bjork... isn't the food writer.


Happy Soup Season to us all.