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The Fraction Cafe

Welcome to my classroom: The Fraction Cafe.

Colorful classroom in a school

Things are very colorful here.  Obviously the classroom is literally colorful, but there are constantly semi-ridiculous and funny things happening that make this place colorful in a different way.

Colorful paper spread on a floor in a classroom.

We recently started a math unit on fractions (dun dun dunnn).  Although fractions have already been introduced in 2nd and 3rd grade... sometimes... things are forgotten.

And sometimes math lessons are boring, even for teachers.

So why not learn about fractions and eat ice cream simultaneously?  That’s my kind of math.

Hands holding a pencil drawing on a pink piece of paper.

In fact, if it was up to me, I’d forget about those big, important, high-stakes tests coming up next month (gaahhhh) and I’d teach fractions with a new delicious recipe every day!  Anyone with me?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream in a styrofoam bowl.

But since I'm on the topic, let me tell you that I am actively and passionately pursuing mastery of fourth grade standards for all my students!  Good thing this week is Spring Break because it’s a big, daunting job.

Paper ice cream cutouts on a wooden table in a classroom.

Today I’m so thankful for all the bright, creative, and ambitious minds that make my job the best in the world!

Ice cream designs on a yellow piece of paper held by a student.

What’s your dream job?  To any other teachers out there - are you on Spring Break yet?!

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