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Skinny Veggie Lasagna

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Alright, so maybe that melted cheese bomb on top doesn't look so skinny.

I seem to have a certain skill for presenting you with food that is healthy....

but not really.

Veggie lasagna full of chopped broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, ricotta cheese, and tomato sauce.

Here's the thing, though: this veggie lasagna actually is healthy. Skinny, even.

Three cups of chopped vegetables and one cup of fresh spinach have sneaked - snuck? - their way into this pan of cheesy goodness. And I say cheesy because I like to give the illusion that it's super cheesy, but here's the other thing - for better or worse, it's not excessively cheesy. One cup of cheese? Puhlease. I could top my own individual bowl of pasta with one cup of cheese.

There are a few reasons why I need this lasagna to be skinny.

  1. This dessert. It's really good for breakfast sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.
  2. Mexican restaurants with unlimited chips and salsa. My weakness.
  3. A tiny habit of playing hooky from the gym.
  4. A reappearance of #2. There are lots of friends in town, ok?
  5. Handfuls of Starburst mysteriously disappearing from my classroom prize box. And I don't even like Starburst.
  6. My desired lasagna portion size: 3 pieces.

Make this lasagna for at least one, if not all six, of those reasons. It gets bonus points for being loaded with yummy sauteed veggies and creamy ricotta cheese and baked under a blanket of melted mozzarella. Plus, the servings are as big as my hand. And my hands are apparently huge. Repeat: the servings are huge.

And if nothing else, who doesn't love a cheese blanket? Honestly.

Veggie lasagna full of chopped broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, ricotta cheese, and tomato sauce on a plate.
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A picture of Skinny Veggie Lasagna

Skinny Veggie Lasagna


This skinny veggie lasagna has 200 calories per slice and is full of chopped broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, ricotta cheese, and tomato sauce.


  • 3 cups chopped veggies of your choice
  • 1/2 chopped onion
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup low fat ricotta cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 2 cups tomato sauce
  • 12 uncooked oven-ready whole grain lasagna noodles
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded


  1. Chop the veggies. Saute the onion and garlic in the oil over medium high heat. Add veggies and saute until tender. Set aside.
  2. Whisk egg into ricotta cheese and stir in fresh spinach.
  3. Pour a little sauce in the bottom of a greased 9×13 pan. Top with 4 lasagna noodles,1/2 cup ricotta mixture, 1/2 of the veggies, and 3/4 cup sauce. Repeat; top entire pan with noodles, remaining sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
  4. Cover and bake for 40 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove foil and bake for 10 minutes more or until cheese is bubbly.


For my veggies, I used broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red peppers.
Check the lasagna at 30 minutes and add 1/4 cup vegetable stock if the lasagna looks too dry.

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 50 mins
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: Italian

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If I turn into a green vegetable over the next 9 days, it's because I'm eating this pan of veggie lasagna all on my lonesome. All 9 servings.

Because Bjork is eating the meat lasagna. The one I made from the leftover meat sauce in the freezer. #cleanout #badwife

And I'm apparently going through a phase with hashtags. Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    I love a cheese blanket! I love a cheese blanket! And chips by the truckloads.

    This was meant for my soul. And I’m willing to arm wrestle you for the baking dish.

    1. Skillful Cook Logo

      I know – it’s my favorite baking dish! It even has a lid. Crate and Barrel. 🙂

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    I pretty much am constantly need skinny lasagna as a result of my dessert addiction. This sounds delicious and perfect!

  3. Skillful Cook Logo

    I have a lot of vegetarian lasagna recipes and one that is my favorite but it only has spinach in it. I can’t wait to try this one and sneak in all the extra veggies. I, too, have a dessert addiction so skinny lasagna is GOOD!

  4. Skillful Cook Logo

    I am addicted to cheese. Like if we made this lasagna I wouldn’t be allowed to participate in putting the cheese on because I have a problem with always putting far too much cheese. Who cares if it takes and extra 10 minutes to melt because its too thick? Not me. Cheese blanket? I’m in.

  5. Skillful Cook Logo

    Ooh, I love this! I tried a skinny (well, skinnier) lasagna back at the end of the summer with ground turkey rather than ground beef, but this is the first veggie option that has looked as yummy to me. I’ll definitely try it out!

  6. Skillful Cook Logo

    You’re so stinkin cute, Lindsay!

    This lasagna is something I can do…yep…looks goooood!

  7. Skillful Cook Logo

    Looks awesome! I just love your pictures(OK, your recipes are awesome too :D) I saw the top picture and I just had to click, haha. I love the cheese blanket. I love doing that too because it makes it look like a lot of cheese, but not really. Plus, I find the flavor is better when it’s all on top instead of mixed in. I just had to mention that it’s really weird that you posted this today, I just made something similar last night and made a meaty pan for my hubby and a meatless one for myself. Awesome 😀

  8. Skillful Cook Logo

    This will be made at my house. SOON. Wait a sec while I check the fridge for ingredients. . . . Just kidding. Sort of. Can’t wait to try it and savor that blanket of cheese. I agree with so many of your reasons for making it!
    BTW -I think Starbursts DO have some sort of weird appearing powers – because it happens here too – and I DO like them!!

    1. Skillful Cook Logo

      Oh my word, what? are we twins? I eat a spoonful cupfull of chocolate chips after dinner every night!

  9. Skillful Cook Logo

    This looks like a great recipe and I love pugs too! Was just dreaming of lasagna but not the calories. So going to give this a try.

  10. Skillful Cook Logo

    I love cheese blankets. I blanketed some Brussels sprouts in a nice Fontina spread this weekend, and you know what? Now I like Brussels sprouts. I know I’d love your veggie lasagna, too.