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My Favorite People to Follow on Instagram

Confession: I like to look at photos of people's cute dogs, pretty food, and kids. I get excited about iPhone art. I've been known to take too many pictures of chocolate chip cookies and spend too much time editing them and obsess over which emoticon to use to adequately express how much I looove them.

I like Instagram, a lot.

So just for fun, here's a list of ten of my favorite people to follow on Instagram.

Who: Melissa Coleman aka The Faux Martha (

Why: Those white backgrounds could not look more stunning. Plus, yum.

Instagram feed.

Who: Maya of Alaska From Scratch (

Why: It's cool to see real Alaska moose pictures. Like, really cool. And the food is yummy.

Instagram feed.

Who: Beatrice Peltre of Tartine Gourmande (

Why: Europe. Food. Pretty.

Instagram feed.

Who: Kate of Cookie and Kate (

Why: Cookie! Just look at that little pup. Not to mention amazing vegetarian food round the clock.

Instagram feed.

Who: Pick Yin of Pickyin (

Why: Romantic southeastern Asian food and beyond. Amazing food photography.

Instagram feed.

Who: Diane Cu, half of the White on Rice couple (

Why: It's a tie for food photos and dogs-at-the-beach photos. Really cool black and white photography, too.

Instagram feed.

Who: Stephanie Arsenault of Global Dish (

Why: Fun food and awesome outdoor shots.

Instagram feed.

Who: Linda Lomelino of Call Me Cupcake (

Why: Super-stylish photos of really trendy food.

Instagram feed.

Who: Kirsten of Dine and Dish (

Why: The seriously precious pictures of her family and, of course, the occasional foodie glamour shots.

Instagram feed.

Go find these guys on Instagram and have fun looking through their photos.

That's all! See ya later.

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    I love instagram! Thanks for sharing your favorites. You can get
    sidetracked for hours looking at all the awesome foodie pictures 🙂 One of my new favorites is “Dreamy_Touch”.

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    Lindsey, thank you so much for including me in this fun roundup! I was wondering where my new Instagram followers were coming from, and I think I’ve found the source. Cookie says hi, she is snoozing on the couch next to me now. 🙂

  3. Skillful Cook Logo

    Maybe it’s high time I get on Instrgram. I’m just worried I’ll become addicted and never be able to pull away from social media. These are great pictures; I can see why you follow these folks.