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5 Kitchen Tools That'll Make Cooking Easier

We took a vote, organized the winners….and now we’re sharing the top 5 kitchen basics we love to use in our studio kitchen. We recommend you check them out, so you can slay tasty recipes with the best of ‘em.

Non-Stick Fry Pan

Perfect when you make our Caprese Chicken with Smashed Potatoes!

Knife Set

Slice through chicken like butter and ALSO very helpful with anything and everything you make with sweet potatoes.

Non-Stick Sheet Pan

Use this when you make all your favorite sheet pan dinners - and non-stick too!

Dutch Oven

We vote for the Lodge brand because it’s a low-risk, affordable, high-quality first go-round at the whole Dutch oven situation.

Peeled carrots on a cutting board

Cutting Board

You’ll need a trusty cutting board when you prep most of these freezer meals.