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Coming Soon: The Holiday Series

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we're bringing you the Holiday Series very, very soon! Classic, nostalgic, delicious recipes that are cozy, comforting, and perfect to share with others.

Image of Pumpkin Shortcakes with Cinnamon Apples and Maple Whipped Cream Cheese with a banner that says "Holiday Series-Coming Soon".

It's official! It's happening! It's the most wonderful time of year!

As soon as we round the corner into November, I'm ready for it all: nostalgic music, flickering candles, the smells of cinnamon and cloves, dogs in Santa hats, babies in Christmas jammies, twinkling lights, and hot mugs of coffee or wassail steaming in my face while quiet snow falls outside.

I'm ready for the warmth that comes from gathering a group of people around a table together, with all our differences and imperfections, and finding the joy that comes from tradition, reflection, and togetherness.

From the surface-level to the soul-deep, I'm ready for some holiday joy.

All of this big, sparkly energy has been channeled straight into our brand new Holiday Series, which is making its way to you just one week from today!

What Is The Holiday Series?

The Holiday Series is a collection of 12 classic, nostalgic, tried-and-true recipes for you and your people. These are recipes that - in my experience - have the power to create moments that are comforting, intentional, and joyful. You can look for 8 brand new recipes and 4 returning favorites that will be showcased throughout this series.

My ultimate hope for these recipes is that they foster a sense of welcome in your homes, ground you in the moment, spark your holiday joy, and inspire you to create special moments and memories with people you love. Think holiday meals around the table with family, cookie baking with your little ones, happy hour snacks with a bottle of wine and a group of friends, and lazy mornings sipping coffee and brunching at home in Christmas jammies.

We're dropping recipes starting next week! You can sign up for emails below to make sure you don't miss a delicious thing.

What Kind Of Recipes Can I Look Forward To Making?

These are recipes that I hope will inspire you to take a deep breath, savor-the-moment, and make food into a moment, a memory, or an experience. These are recipes for special times.

Of course, I love all of these recipes more than what is normal. But here are some highlights and things to look for:

  • a really excellent green bean casserole
  • an over-the-top fall baking situation involving pumpkin biscuits, cinnamon apples, and mapley whipped cream
  • life-changing chocolate cookies
  • absolutely heavenly Swedish meatballs
  • the cinnamon roll recipe I've been quietly making (and loving) for the last five years

I hope this series meets you right where you're at this holiday season. After a heavy couple of years in this world, oof, we could all use some really love-filled, really human, really delicious food moments.

When and Where Do I Find The Recipes?

The Holiday Series kicks off on Monday, November 8th!

We'll be sharing all the new recipes here on Skillful Cook over the next 6 weeks. Here's how you can access those recipes:

  • Sign up below for emails!
  • Follow us on social media! We will be sharing our new recipes on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Just check back on the blog every couple of days to see what's new!
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    So happy to hear that you’ll be sharing recipes to good food very soon. Your blog deserves a mention in Forbes magazine! 🙂

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    I hope you’ll consider putting some of these great dishes you crate in more YouTube videos in the future on your channel, Lindsay. 🙂

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    I’m excitedly looking forward to your holiday recipe collection! I hope your days are merry and bright just like the song.

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    I signed up previously but did not get No 1 or No. 2. Is it possible for you to send them my way? I’m not a social media fan so no longer do Facebook.