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Coming Soon: The February Fun Series

February is for all of the fun things, like cakes, slurpy noodle soups, sandwiches-turned-casseroles, and more. All aboard the fun train!

February Fun Things series with a cookie in the background

Hello hello and welcome to February! You know, that month after the first one but also the hundredth one in the year that never ends? What is time? January was full of meal plans and preps to help ease us all in and keep life feeling more manageable after the whirlwind of holidays. Recipes were relatively easy and nutritious, definitely weeknight/get-it-on-the-table-now type dishes.

But now we want to let loose a bit. Make some recipes that feed all the things — our bellies, our hearts, our little joy pockets on these cold winter days. (And it is okay if you want to LOL at our version of “letting loose”, but here we are.)

These things are a little more involved, a little rich, and a lot of fun. We'll drizzle things in caramel, we'll drown them in noodles, thwap them with burrata, we'll wrap them up like presents in crisp flour tortillas. There will also be some fun non-food-related things sprinkled in, so stay tuned! Let's have a very good time, shall we?

What To Expect with The February Fun Series

Just, fun. Please expect fun. That is, if your idea of fun is rich, chocolatey, tiny little copycat cakes and savory, surprising soups full of slurpy spicy noodles, and fun little waffle iron omelettey-type guys. Is your idea of fun a reuben casserole?! Because ours is, friends. It definitely is. THIS IS HOW WE HAVE FUN.

You'll see some old fun faves pop back up, maybe a very casual lifestyle post about some makeup/skincare faves. Will Sage the sweet pup dip in to say hi? Surely. Will there be overly decadent (is that possible?), delicious date night dessert ideas for your best val/pal/galentines? You can count on it.

What Makes This So Much Fun

We hope this February series will feel playful and light. That it will encourage you to indulge a little bit, to take the time to make your very own Taco Bell-style crunchwrap (only 1000 times better) because dreams can be yours, to pile hash browns and eggs and all your favorite breakfast bits into a waffle iron because you can't be concerned with labels. Maybe you'll run wild and waffle a bunch of other fun things and then report back to us? Oh my, we hope so.

Where and When Do I Find All The Fun?

Our February Fun Series kicks off on Monday, February 7th.

You can access all of the recipes by...

We know it's February already but hey, that really snuck up on us. We'll see you back here starting Monday though for all the fun things! 🥳

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    The POY team seems to know just what we need, when we need it. I’m here for it!! Looking forward to Monday ❤️

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    Oh my gosh! This could not have come at a better time. I was just talking with a friend and we were saying how we were trying to put our finger on how we felt and we landed on “dull.” Things seem dull. After seeing this I’m excited. This is my kind of fun too! And now I am taking this ridiculous amount of lemons I have (not even sure where this surplus came from) and I’m whipping up some lemon bars. Haven’t made any in years and years. Yay!