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This weekend my friend Megan shared this photo with the hashtag #prayfornewtown.

It was the first I had heard.

Christmas lights blur.

With this tragedy still fresh on my mind, I just don't feel right posting a recipe.

This post is a virtual moment of silence for all those kids, the sweet kids, and hardworking adults who lost their lives on Friday.

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    Hi kids I guess we all mourn for these families and community . Our hearts are broken . God is mourning with us. To think he gave His life for us ,because He loved us so much. And then something like this happens . These things don’t happen because He hates us ,but Satan and his angels arebusy destroying wheren he can ,have a good christmas with the Cebu family Love you G’ma R.

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    Right there with you. I’m trying to get back to normal, but normal has changed for me…so I don’t know how to do it.

    It must be hard to be so far away in times like this…

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    Amen. And also continue to remember those affected by previous shootings who relive their experience when other tragedies happen.

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    Hi Lindsay, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all your recipes and inspirational words. Much love from Sweden xoxo