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12 Best Healthy Winter Recipes

Winter is all about the rich soups, creamy casseroles, and luxurious pastas, but sometimes you just need a major burst of something fresh and healthy, you know? Here are our favorite winter recipes that are both comforting AND healthy.

Red curry lentils with rice in a bowl with spoon.

Instant Pot Red Curry Lentils

Guess what's for dinner? Creamy, spicy, delicious red curry lentils, made in the Instant Pot.

Tandoori chicken in bowl with rice.

Instant Pot Coconut Tandoori-Inspired Chicken

Made with rich spices and creamy coconut milk. Ridiculously easy (like, 5 minutes hands-on time) and so, so yummy! My new favorite make-ahead freezer meal.

Sweet potato peanut stew in a bowl.

Spicy Peanut Soup with Sweet Potato + Kale

Okay, YUMMMM. Spicy Peanut Soup with Sweet Potatoes + Kale! Comforting and SUPER nutritious. Naturally vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

Baked salmon with lentils, green beans, and sauerkraut in bowl.

Perfect Baked Salmon with Lentils and Lemon Herb Sauce

Perfect Baked Salmon with Lentils, Quinoa, and Lemon Herb Sauce - super healthy, high protein, bakes all in one big easy dish. This stuff is SO DELICIOUS!

Moroccan Chickpeas in a bowl with couscous.

Quick and Easy Spiced Chickpea Bowls

Comfy, cozy, healthy chickpea bowls! Fire-roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, couscous, chickpeas, and warming spices. It's a good one, friends!

Winter Spa Salad with Lemon Chicken

Loaded with chickpeas, spinach, pomegranates, Cara Cara oranges, avocado, shallots, herbs, dressing, and lemon chicken.

Healing Bowls with Turmeric Sweet Potatoes, Poached Eggs, and Lemon Dressing

Turmeric sweet potatoes, brown rice, red quinoa, arugula, poached egg, lemon dressing.

Spicy Shrimp with Cauliflower Mash and Garlic Kale

Tender-sweet shrimp and smoky garlic kale over creamy cauliflower mash. The most DELICIOUS fake-fancy weeknight dinner!

Chipotle tahini bowl with egg.

Chipotle Tahini Bowls

Healthy and versatile bowls that come together under a generous drizzle of addictingly creamy vegan chipotle tahini sauce.

Two bowls of golden soup with roasted chickpeas and olive oil drizzled on top.

Golden Soup

Cozy, bright, and healing with power-foods like turmeric, cauliflower, and cashews. Topped with crispy chickpeas. Super creamy and SO GOOD.

Utensils sit in a bowl of rice, vegetables and tofu.

5-Ingredient Green Curry

Packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro.

Chicken and rice soup in a bowl with a spoon. There are fresh herbs on top and lime wedges on the side.

Healing Chicken and Rice Soup

Chicken and rice soup that is limey, salty, and so fresh! Garlic-ginger-infused broth, shredded chicken thighs, tender jasmine rice, fresh herbs, and peanuts. YUM.

One More Thing!

Looking for even more coziness? Check out a list of all of our winter recipes!

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  1. Skillful Cook Logo

    Fabulous! Tried a “version” of your Salmon recipe in our B & B kitchen (Mahi Mahi instead of salmon, etc!) & looking forward to trying them all…

  2. Skillful Cook Logo

    Unfortunately, I may not be able to use your site anymore. You have so many pop up adds that I can no longer easily download recipes. And for today’s recipes I cannot save the Quick and Easy Chick pea bowl. Something is wrong- will not let me save when click on make this recipe! Hope you get rid of some adds. Sad cause I love this site and cook your recipes all the time! Ty! Wendy